Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise Review (MGA Entertainment)

Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise
What It Is

Combine the fun of slime, unboxing, and cute collectible characters with Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise. Inside a glittery and squishy unicorn poop container is a mystery slime and a mystery collectible character. 

Remove the unicorn poop container from the bag and be sure to open the bag from the bottom so that you can reuse it to store your slime. Then, just snip the top off the unicorn poop or peel away the bottom to retrieve your slime and mystery character. Will you find crunch slime, bouncy slime, water slime, marshmallow slime, or putty slime? The mystery characters are blind-packaged within the slime, so open that up to see who is inside. Each of the 26 characters has a unicorn horn, glittery accents, and long eyelashes. Divided into seven poop-themed categories, including Antfartica and Cosmic Doo-Doos, some of the characters are regular, rare, ultra-rare, and super ultra-rare. Keep track of your collection on the included collector's guide.

Is It Fun?

Kids who like slime, collecting mini toys, and unboxings will have fun discovering what slime and characters are inside the unicorn poop. Poop and unicorns are still very popular, and this is a wonderfully silly way for kids to engage in the trend through great tactile and collectible play. 

Who It’s For

Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise is for ages 6 and up. Kids who like playing with slime will like all the different colors and variations to collect.

What To Be Aware Of

Make sure to open the bag from the bottom so that you can reuse it for storing your slime. Storing the slime in a resealable bag helps prevent it from drying out.

If using scissors to cut open the slime container, make sure to use child-safe scissors or have an adult handle that step.

Snipping the top off the poop kind of ruins the look, so if you want to keep your poop looking like poop, we'd recommend peeling from the bottom, even though it is a little harder.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy