The Springlings Review (MGA Entertainment)

The Springlings
What It Is

Spring into action with The Springlings, a collectible line of stuffed animals from MGA's Little Tikes. Inside a colorful house is a surprise stuffed animal just waiting to pop out. You won't know which one you get to collect until you press the button to unleash your animal. Collect all sorts of different animals from dogs and cats to colorful hedgehogs and even a pig with wings. And once you spring them from their home, you can squish them back into the home and spring them over and over again!

Is It Fun?

Little kids will definitely think it's funny to watch these small stuffed animals fly out of their homes, and we're sure they'll want to do it over and over again. There's also the fun surprise of finding out which animal is hiding inside.

Who It’s For

The Springlings are for ages 2 and up. Kids who like stuffed animals will have fun with these surprise plush toys.

What To Be Aware Of

The collector's guide shown on the package and on the instruction booklet didn't include our flying pig Springling, so we're not sure if that is a special one or if the collector's guide is wrong. The Little Tikes website says there are 12 to collect, but the collector's guide only shows 10.

It may be tricky for younger kids to get the stuffed animal back into the house for more springing action. 

Make sure to keep the house away from your face when launching the stuffed animal.

The stuffed animals are cute, but you can feel the spring inside, so they're not something we would want to cuddle up with.

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