Num Noms Snackables Melty Pops Review (MGA Entertainment)

Num Noms Snackables Melty Pops
What It Is

Part of the Num Noms Snackables line, Num Noms Melty Pops look like push pops except they feature scented, melting slime with hidden Num Noms inside. There are four in the line to collect: Galaxy Pop, Sprinkle Pop, Tropical Pop, and Peachy Pop. Each features a different type of slime. Each package comes with a Melty Pop, two Num Noms Little Bites you can see, plus a Big Bites hidden inside the slime. Once the slime melts away, kids can find and play with the character. To get started, remove the top and the plastic, then push the pop all the way up until the slime is all the way out. Take off the clear plastic lid, then peel off the clear wrapper. The manufacturer suggests saving the wrapper to cover the slime to use again. Once the slime is all the way out, the handle should pop far enough in the bottom to create a flat surface for the pop to stand on its own. Then it is slime melting time. It is supposed to take 20-30 minutes but we found it sometimes takes longer. Once the slime melts away a hidden Num Noms Big Bites character is revealed. The characters are really cute and vary from Marshmallows to Candies to Fruits to Cookies. An included collector's guide shows all the fun characters in the line. 

Is It Fun?

Num Noms Melty Pops are cute to look at, and kids will love the sweet treat themes, sweet scents, collectibility, and the slime factor. The included Num Noms characters are also cute, and are fun for collecting, play or display. It is fun to find the character in the slime. Be aware that the melting time is longer than expected, and the slime is not as pliable as traditional slime.

Who It’s For

Num Noms Snackables are for kids ages 3 and older who like slime and collectible figures or toys. 

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions say the slime will take 20-30 minutes to melt. We found some took much longer, almost an hour to fully melt.  It depends on the type of slime. Patience is necessary so we recommend leaving it and going to play with something else, then checking back in every 15 minutes or so. Once the slime melts away, it should reveal a hidden Num Noms Big Bites character. However, due to the consistency of some of the slime types, it  is much harder than traditional slime. Because of that it does not always melt away so we had to pull it off the pop to get to our Num Nom. 

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