Baby Born Surprise Review (MGA Entertainment)

Baby Born Surprise
What It Is

Baby Born Surprise is a collectible line of cute mini baby dolls. Like the name implies, there is a newborn baby doll combined with surprises, and collectible elements. Each doll is packaged in a cute, plastic egg shape with a fabric baby blanket so you have to open it to see what is inside. The first surprise is the swaddle blanket the baby is wrapped in. Series 1 includes 12 different options like the White Bunny in the video. Unwrap the swaddle to see your baby doll, which measures 4-inches. The doll's head, arms and legs are posable so they can sit up or lay down. Now it's time to discover all the unique things about your baby. There are 21 different hairstyles. It will look like the baby is asleep because its eyes are closed. Use water and a tissue to wake the baby up by wiping her eyes, and reveal the eye color. There is also a baby bottle in blue or pink to tell if it's a boy or a girl. Fill the bottle with water and feed baby a couple times. It will pee, wetting the diaper, and revealing another surprise, the diaper pattern. Once you have discovered all the sweet surprises that make your baby doll unique, use the included collector's guide with games to determine its name, birthdate, favorite food and more. There is also a birth certificate for the proud parent to fill out, and hold onto as a keepsake. 

Is It Fun?

This is a cute collectible line that combines opening and revealing fun surprises, collectibility, and traditional doll play. Kids will enjoy discovering all the things that make your baby unique. At just 4-inches, the doll is a fun size for bringing on the go. It can be used for nurturing pretend play.

Who It’s For

Baby Born Surprise is for kids ages 4 and up who like baby dolls, unboxing, and collectible toys. 

What To Be Aware Of

Each Baby Born Surprise doll is sold separately.

The packaging states there are 10+ surprises to unwrap, which is misleading as there are not actually 10 accessories to open. The water from the feeding, and peeing can be a little messy.

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