Playmobil City Life Pet Hotel Sets Review (Playmobil)

Playmobil City Life Pet Hotel Sets
What It Is

Expanding the Playmobil City Life line comes five new pet-themed sets for 2019. These new buildable playsets include the Playmobil Tiny Paws Pet Hotel, Playmobil Small Animal Boarding set, Playmobil Mobile Pet Groomer set, Playmobil Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding set, and the Playmobil Dog Trainer set.  

If you're looking for a deluxe Playmobil set that features pet characters, check out The Playmobil Tiny Paws Pet Hotel (item No. 9275). This 154-piece set comes with plenty of pet themed accessories for building and imaginative play. Inside the pet hotel, you'll find a hotel reception area for your pet check-ins, a kitchen to cook up some gourmet meals (only the best for pet guests!), and indoor and outdoor play areas that cater to each hotel guest whether they are furry or feathered. Accessories include a seesaw, two dog houses, a bird perch, a fence, and a swinging pet door so guest can move easily in and out of the hotel. For added pretend play, the set includes lots of guest and other toys to occupy the hotel: three figures, eight dogs, two birds, a bench, a wheelbarrow, pet food, and more. 

Pretend to care for the smallest pets with the Playmobil Small Animal Boarding set (Item No. 9277). With this 60-piece pet playset, you can care for bunnies, hamsters, and guinea pigs (of the Playmobil variety, of course). There's even a hut, a hamster wheel, and a hollowed-out log for added play value. Two figures and other accessories are included. 

If you've got a pet that goes to the salon more than you do, check out the Playmobil Mobile Pet Groomer (Item No. 9278). This is a 72-piece pet groomer set for pet grooming on the go. The set comes complete with a vehicle that opens up to a fully functional pet beauty salon. Simply remove the roof and help the included female groomer give the included poodle the deluxe treatment, using the table, tub, hose, and basket filled with tools for washing, drying, brushing, styling, and more. 

Sometimes cats need their own space, which is where the Playmobil Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding set (item No. 9276) comes in. This 76-piece set is equipped with features for the indoor and outdoor cat,  connected by a swinging pet door. Whether you've got a social cat or one that prefers to be left alone, this boarding set has the place to climb, hide, or eat. Two figures and six cats are included. 

For even easier play for little ones, check out the no-assembly required Playmobil Dog Trainer set (Item No. 9279). With 12 pieces, it includes a trainer and four dogs---a German Shepherd mama and puppy, a Golden Retriever, and a Border Collie. 

Is It Fun?

These high quality sets feature animal themes that will appeal to many children. They can be combined for more play possibilities. We love how there are so many accessories for imaginative play, and that the figures can bend, sit, or stand. The sets can be combined for more play possibilities. There are so many accessories for imaginative play and the figures can bend, sit, or stand. 

Who It’s For

All of these Playmobil City Life Pet Hotel Sets are made for ages 4 and up. These sets will appeal to young animal lovers that like nurturing pet play as well as kids that like to construct their own worlds of play.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Playmobil City Life set is sold separately. Additional sets are also available. 

The time it takes to put these sets together varies from no time at all (Playmobil Dog Trainer set) up to 30 minutes (Playmobil Tiny Paws Pet Hotel).

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