Mighty Microfiber Ball Rabbit Review (VIP Products)

Mighty Microfiber Ball Rabbit
What It Is

This hot pink color micro fiber dog toy makes it easy to find and is a great addition to any toy collection! This dog toy has two large squeakers, one in the head and one in the belly and 4 smaller squeakers in the legs and arms. This bunny shaped dog toy is bright in color and large in size.  

As it is sewn with multiple layers and sewn multiple times it is very durable. Over time this toy may start to show some wear and tear, so please trim loose threads or material to avoid accidental ingestion, and as always please supervise your pet's playtime. Do not let your pet swallow any part of this toy. These Mighty toys are built to withstand rigorous interactive play! The hot pink color micro fiber makes it easy to find and a great addition to any toy collection!

Is It Fun?
This toy is very fun! First of all it is hot pink, second of all it squeaks and it's a bunny! A lot of fun for the right dog. Because of it's shaggy nature, dogs go wild for this bunny. 
Who It’s For

 This toy is recommended for a range of dogs, from puppies to tough chewers.

What To Be Aware Of
Never let your pet play unattended as strings or fibers can come unattached and become a choking hazard. 
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