Torpedo Tommy Review (Tumbo LLC)

Torpedo Tommy
What It Is

Give your pup a one of a kind dog toy with the Torpedo Tommy. This dog toy is a strong rubber orange color launch toy in the shape of a monkey. This monkey can launch by means of rubber stretch cords concealed within its durable rubber body. After this monkey is launched the cords retract into the body to be safe from your dog's teeth. This monkey dog toy is capable of being launched up to 100 feet to test even the most active fetcher. To launch this toy simply pull back and launch it similar to a slingshot.

Is It Fun?

This toy is fun. My dogs loved chasing and chewing on its soft rubber. I liked its bright colors and unique design. That being said, it was really hard to get this toy to travel the distance. I never got it close to 100ft., let alone 50 ft.

Who It’s For

If you have an active dog, the Torpedo Tommy is definitely something you will want in your dog's arsenal of toys!

What To Be Aware Of

Please note that the bands are strong and not everyone can reach the 100 ft distance. It takes a lot of practice to shoot it farther and the bands are tighter and harder to pull when brand new. There are also launch videos and tips on the company's website.

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