Dog H20 Review (Sealand Industrial Co.)

Dog H20
What It Is

Upgrade your furry friend's dirty dog bowl with the Dog H20 Pet Water Fountain. If your dogs had a choice, they would probably prefer to drink running water as their instincts tells them that running water is clean. Plus, running water is more oxygenated and encourages your dog to drink more water, which allows for better health. 

The Dog H20 Pet Water Fountain, like its counterpart the Cat H2O, features a raised large drinking area. This fountain is designed for medium to large size dogs and can hold about six quarts of water.  There is a handy indicator on the side to let you know what level the water is and when you might need to refill it. It also has a surface skimmer that is designed to keep water crystal clear as well as free from saliva and slime.

To use, simply fill up , turn it on, and let the fountain pump fresh water out for your pup.

This fountain comes with three filter pads as well as Dental Care tablets to help fight plaque, tartar and doggy breath.

Why Is It Useful?

This dog fountain can hold a lot of water and that the translucent bowl can show you, visibly, the water scale so your pups never run out of water. Likewise, pet parents will find it pretty quiet and reliable. It's also a ncie feature that it's elevated off the floor, especially for bigger dogs.

Who It’s For

This fountain is designed for medium to large size dogs that love running water. It is also great for pet parents who want healthy dogs with fresh breath. With the duel levels to the fountain, it can also be used by two dogs.

Dogs may react differently toward the Dog H20, so it's not for every dog. For instance, among our own doggie testers some wouldn't touch the fountain and at times seemed frightened of it—which is crazy because it is so quiet. Other dog testers loved the water fountain. 

What To Be Aware Of

This fountain is dishwasher friendly, designed to be assembled in seconds without tools, BPA free and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

While the filter does take out hair and saliva like it is designed to, some may wish it was able able to remove micro contaminates. 

If only a small amount of water is added the fountain it will make more noise. When it was filled up correctly, it will be a lot quieter.

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