Perch Pet Nest Review (Perch Pet Products)

Perch Pet Nest
What It Is

The Pet Perch is an item for your dog or cat to lounge on. You can place it in your home in a sunny spot so they can chill, nap, sleep or look out the window with ease and grace. It has four parts to assemble and it is easy to break apart if you want to store it away in your home in the box. There is no carrying case. The bed is elevated which gives your pet better air flow and visibility. It is a metal frame with a cozy pillow. 

The size: The medium Perch Pet Nest is intended for dogs up to 35 lbs.

It measures 25 inches deep by 25 inches wide and not more than 17 inches high. 

The pet perch has pattern options for the covers which are sold separately. 

Who It’s For
This Pet Perch is great if you have a cat that likes to nap off the floor, maybe to look out a low window or catch a break from the dog. This lounge chair is also great for small dogs up to 35 lbs that like to be elevated to see neighbor dogs walking by, birds, get some sun or just jump! 
What To Be Aware Of

Cons: This item takes up a lot of space and is not super easy to transport. 

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