Gold Mine Review (Stratus Games)

Gold Mine
What It Is

 Gold Mine is a strategy game for 2-6 players, ages 8+. Games take 30-60 to play. Gold Mine includes 100 tiles, 36 tokens, 28 gold nuggets, 2 dice and 6 miners. Start by placing tiles and nuggets to build your mine. Make sure to follow the instructions for proper placement. Players take turns placing more tiles, moving around the mine and collecting nuggets. Keep your eye out for secret passageways and don't be afraid to use your challenge tokens. These can be used to scramble in the dark for an opponent's gold nugget or to send bats in another player's direction. Keep playing until one of the players collects enough gold nuggets to win. Gold Mine is a fun game and I think a very good one for younger players looking to explore more advanced strategy games. The tile placement ensures that no two games ever play the same. The game is not too complicated but does offer some alternative gameplay options once you've learned the basics.

Is It Fun?
Yes, gamers young and old will enjoy the tile placement and race to collect gold.  
Who It’s For
Gamers and miners, ages 8+
What To Be Aware Of

Games take 30-60 minutes to play. Don't have as much time? Check out other Board Games !

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