Singing Vampirina Review (Just Play)

Singing Vampirina
What It Is

The Singing Vampirina doll from Just Play brings to life the leading vampire in the Disney Junior animated series, Vampirina. This Vampirina doll comes dressed in a removable glittery blue webbed dress and her oh, so popular purple skull necklace. If your kids or even yourself are into the Disney Junior show, you'll love to hear her belt out the "Find Your Inner Ghoul" song and talk in her authentic voice. Activate the singing and speaking by pressing on her skull necklace which presses down on the button on her chest. Vampirina comes styled in her usual hairstyle, but kids can have the option to take it down to create a different style. Just beware that the hair might be difficult to manage since it's been up for so long. Vampirina has some articulation since she can turn her head at 360 degrees, arms move some too, but the legs have the least articulation as they can only slightly move back and forth. Like I mentioned the dress is removable, but the shoes are not.  

Is It Fun?

If your child is a fan of Vampirina they'll love to sing along. It's also small enough to travel with and kids can have fun imagining ghoulish fun alongside Vampirina. The one thing I would've liked is to have full articulation at the legs. The more there's to do the more occupied the kids will be, right? 

Who It’s For
Perfect for children 3 and up who enjoy the Disney Junior show Vampirina. 
What To Be Aware Of
Batteries are included. This is not a soft-plush doll. 
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  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 cell batteries required