Snapstar Dolls Review (Yulu)

Snapstar Dolls
What It Is

Combine creative fashion doll play with the digital world with new Snapstar Dolls. This is a lineup of six dolls, each with her own unique personality and style, that kids can dress up, customize, and pose. But adding the free Snapstar Studio app provides even more options for hair, makeup, accessories, and cool photo backdrops.

The dolls in the line include Dawn, the fashion diva; Echo, the bedazzled babe; Aspen, the wide-eyed wanderer; Lola, who is 99-percent unicorn; Yuki, the music lover; and Izzy, the master crafter. Each doll is sold separately. The dolls come with a removable outfit with accessories that speak to their personality and removable hair. You can purchase additional outfits and hair separately for further customization.

Each doll also comes with a green screen photo wall and a green doll stand. These accessories allow kids to snap photos of their dolls through the Snapstar Studio app and add cool backdrops that make the green screen and doll stand disappear. Share your doll's photos and poses on social media using the hashtag #SNAPSTAR.

The doll stand can be moved to help you create the best pose for your doll, but the doll itself is also very poseable. With a moving head, torso, legs, arms, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles, there are countless ways to pose these fashion dolls and get just the look you want.

Is It Fun?

Kids will really like playing stylist for their dolls, both in the physical and digital worlds. Kids will enjoy sharing their photo creations and seeing what their friends and other Snapstar fans are doing. 

The app is easy to use, with built-in tutorials if you need help, and the green screen function actually works well. Not all of the functions were available to use at the time of this review, so all we could do was pose the doll and change up the background. But it was still fun! And as more app functionality rolls out, the more customization options there will be to engage kids in a lot of creative play.

Who It’s For

Snapstar Dolls are for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Photos taken through the app can also be saved to your device's camera roll.

The free app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The green screen works best when used in a well-lit area. The Snapstar YouTube channel offers tutorials for how to use the green screen and all of the app's features.

The only issue we had using the green screen was that some of the colors on our doll's outfit were too similar to green, and we couldn't adjust that feature as much as we would have liked without making socks or shirt sleeves disappear.

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