Pinkfong Baby Shark Dancing Doll Review (WowWee)

Pinkfong Baby Shark Dancing Doll
What It Is

If you can't get enough of "Baby Shark", then you'll like playing with the Pinkfong Baby Shark Dancing Doll. This plush yellow shark moves, talks, and yes, plays the entire "Baby Shark" song.

To activate, you can tap the top of the shark's head, clap your hands, press its right fin, or call "Baby Shark". You'll hear fun responses, such as "It's me! Baby Shark!" or other songs, such as Pinkfong's "Under the Sea".

Is It Fun?

Little kids who love watching the Pinkfong video for "Baby Shark" and singing along will have fun watching this toy version spin and sing. It offers fun interaction with a favorite YouTube character. 

Who It’s For

The Baby Shark Dancing Doll is for ages 2 and up, and will be appealing to kids who are obsessed with the song.

What To Be Aware Of

This includes three AA batteries that power the in-store try-me feature, so make sure you replace them before you play for best results and switch the toy from "Try-Me" to "On" to activate its full features.

Instructions are hidden inside the box, so you'll need to cut it apart to retrieve those.

Even though this is a soft toy, it's not very cuddly due to the mechanism that makes it spin. So this is probably not going to be a toy that little kids cuddle with at bedtime.

The instruction say to "call 'Baby Shark' for a fun reaction", but this never really worked for us.

Additional Baby Shark toys include Sound Plush and Plush Cubes, sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 AA batteries required