Large Fugglers Review (Spin Master)

Large Fugglers
What It Is

The Funny Ugly Monsters stuffed animals are back and are funnier and uglier. Each 12-inch plush character has a different look, but what they all have in common are toothy grins. But don't worry - these are not real human teeth. They're just plastic. Styles range from an orange bear-like creature with a squinty gaze to a blue sloth with button eyes and a grey monster with claws.

Each Fuggler has a button sewn onto their backs, plus an adoption certificate that lets you register your creepy creature online at the Fugglers website.

Is It Fun?

These silly stuffed animals are ugly but also kind of cute, creating a unique collectible that older fans will want. Spin Master's Fugglers stay true to the originals that were made on Etsy through crazy looks and details that give them a handmade feel. It will be fun to discover all the different features of each character.

Who It’s For

Fugglers are for ages 4 and up, but we think that the ugly/creepy/cute aesthetic of these stuffed animals will appeal to older fans. Mostly teens and adults. Younger kids might not understand the concept and may actually find these scary.

What To Be Aware Of

Fugglers are also available in smaller sizes.

These are based on the popular internet creations by artist Mrs. McGettrick. Despite an internet rumor claiming the opposite, the original Fugglers were never made with real human teeth. Instead they were made with false teeth (dentures) that the artist bought online. Spin Master's Fugglers are made with molded plastic teeth.

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility