Trolls Plush Dolls Review (Just Play)

Trolls Plush Dolls
What It Is

The gang is here. Say hello to Poppy, Branch, Smidge, Harper, DJ Suki, and Guy Diamond. These plush troll dolls come in different sizes from large to small. Each has their character's signature details, like Poppy's headband, embroidered characteristics,  Branch's smirk, and each has the iconic wonderful troll hair. The larger plush trolls have heart details, while the small Trolls have expressive faces.

Is It Fun?

We had a lot of fun with these Troll plush dolls. We really enjoyed their fun details like folded ears and cute toes. I especially liked Guy Diamond's silvery hair and Harper's colors as well as the cute and tiny Smidge. Also, I really like DJ Suki because unlike the other Trolls her hair is different and I love her fun headphones. Overall, these dolls have fun bright colors and shinny details as well as are so soft and cuddly. Plus, with their varying sizes, they are the perfect size for growing hands. 

Who It’s For

These Troll dolls are recommended for ages 2 and up, while the smaller dolls are for ages 3 and up. We also recommend these Troll dolls for anyone who loves dolls, especially plush dolls, and imaginary play. These dolls are also ideal for anyone who loves Trolls. 

What To Be Aware Of

Each is sold separately.

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