Barbie Pets and Sweet Orchard Farm Collectibles Review (Just Play)

Barbie Pets and Sweet Orchard Farm  Collectibles
What It Is

Barbie loves her pets, and you can, too, when you collect Barbie Pets and Sweet Orchard Farm Collectibles. These are two separate collections of blind-packaged mini pets for kids to collect and play with. 

The Barbie Pets are packaged up in an egg. Open the egg to see which pet is inside. Stickers are also included. These pets have flocked fur so that they feel fuzzy when you pet them. The eggs can be reused as storage for the pets.

The Sweet Orchard Farm pets come blind-packaged in a wooden-style basket. There are two pets in each basket, each with flocked fur to give them a fuzzy feel, and some have glitter details. The pets in this collection are all farm animals, and there are 18 to collect, including a rare glitter pig. A collector's guide is included so kids can keep track of which animals they've collected.

Is It Fun?

These are ideal for Barbie fans who like animals and collecting mini toys. Kids will like the surprise of unboxing their pets, and then creating all sorts of imaginative stories with them. These little pets are the perfect size for adding to a Barbie doll collection so that kids can have Barbie care for and play with the animals. 

Who It’s For

These mini Barbie pets are for Barbie fans ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

For the Barbie Pets, we wish there was a collector's guide so kids could see all the possible pets to collect.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy