Monopoly Game of Thrones Review (Hasbro)

Monopoly Game of Thrones
What It Is

Winter isn't coming, it's already here in this epic new version of Monopoly: Game of Thrones from Hasbro. 

Now, as you can probably tell from a first look at the packaging, this isn't your average game of Monopoly. This one is based on the hit HBO series (inspired by the book series by George R.R. Martin). The series is now entering its eighth and final (!) season. 

But don't freak out; that's what you've got this Game of Thrones board game for.

Before you even open the box, GOT fans are in for a treat thanks to the Try Me button that teases the new sound feature within the game---playing the Game of Thrones theme song no less. It's pretty addictive just smashing the music button on the Iron Throne shapes card holder without even playing the game, which I highly suggest you do it often while playing (and referring to yourself only as Mother of Dragons or King of the North while doing so).

What's In the Box:

Open the packaging and you are greeted by some great themed game tokens to play as your preferred house. And they are all cast in a heavy metal, which avid players and collectors alike will appreciate. Choose from tokens that represent six different house sigils: Lion for House Lanaster (Casterly Rock), Three-Headed Dragon for House Targaryen (King's Landing), Direwolf for House Stark (Winterfell), Stag for House Baratheon (Storm's End), Rose for House Tyrell (Highgarden), and Kraken for House Greyjoy (Pyke).


Spaces, chance cards, money etc. are also themed. For example, the 42 Gold Dragons and 53 Silver Stags cardboard coins replace Monopoly money as currency. Much like the original game, and the story of Game of Thrones, players move around the game board buying up lands, conquering, and making deals to acquire lands throughout the Seven Kingdoms---only minus the typical amount of backstabbing and blood shed of the show. Once you acquire lands/spaces, you'll place holdfasts and castles on the spaces to ensure all other players know who's in charge. To make such purchases, there's no banker in this version. It's the Master of Coin. Although I suggest not sharing any secrets about your game strategy with your own Little Finger. 

The Game (of Thrones) Play:

Each player starts the game with 5 Gold Dragons and Five Silver Stags.

The player who watched an episode of Game of Thrones most recently begins the game. On your turn, you'll roll the two dice and move your token around the board just as in classic Monopoly. Where ever you land, you'll need to carry out the action of the space. Spaces include themed locations ranging from The Cave of the Three-Eyed Raven to King's Landing. You can buy up the lands if available. If you choose not to purchase it, the land will go up for auction. You may also build Holdfasts and Castles or be forced to pay rent. 

There are also special spaces such as Faiths (The Old Gods, The Many-Faced God, The Lord of Light, and The Seven) and the Orders (Citadel of the Maesters and Castle Black). To pay rent on these spaces, rent is either based on the number of Faiths the owner has, or a roll of the dice for the Order spaces. The Dothraki Tribute and Iron Bank Tax spaces will also require players to pay the Royal Treasury the amount shown.  

Jail is still jail, but lucky it won't result in a walk of atonement like Cersei's or getting your head chopped off like Ned Stark. To get out, you'll just have to pay, use a get Out of Jail Free card or roll a double. 


While in the real GOT,  when you play a game of thrones you win or you die, the stakes aren't quite as high or dramatic as the series in this game. That said, money and power over multiple kingdoms is still the key to winning. The last player left standing is the one who will take the Iron Throne and win the game. 

Is It Fun?

Monopoly is pretty perfectly suited to Game of Thrones because the show's ultimate goal is kind of the same: it's all about money and power. It's a fitting theme. This is also the first Monopoly to incorporate a sound feature into the game's design, which we think Game of Throne fans and Monopoly players alike will enjoy. and it's the GOT theme song, which is just awesome in general to listen to on repeat.

Fans will also appreciate the attention to detail, from the art to the tokens and obviously the Throne card holder.

That said, Monopoly has done a great job in recent years of adding unique twists to the original gameplay, especially when it's a themed game. This is something we were hoping for given how epic the theme is for this game.

Who It’s For
Monopoly: Game of Thrones is age-graded 18 and up due to the graphic nature of the show's content. The game can be played by two to six players.

The game is geared toward GOT mega fans and collectors. The gameplay is pretty standard though so purchasing this game is less about the actual play and more theme-driven.

What To Be Aware Of

If you are a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, make sure you check out our other Game of Thrones toy and game reviews.

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