Flutter Friends Review (Just Play)

Flutter Friends
What It Is

Hummingbirds are so fast that sometimes you miss them. But not anymore when you've got your own hummingbird friend with Flutter Friends. There are six different birds to collect, each with its own color scheme and name, such as Sugar, Emerald, Melody, Honeysuckle, Jewel, and Nectar. Each is sold separately.

The birds can perch on your finger or its included branch accessory. Each bird has two sensors, one on its head and one on its back. Touch the sensors to pet and care for your bird, and the bird will respond with sounds and movement. Petting the head three times will unlock musical tweets. Tapping the bird's back two times activates a tweet, and then after another two taps, the wings will fully open and play a different sound effect. The birds also respond to sound, such as clapping, or to each other.

You can feed your bird, too, by placing its beak into the flower on the branch. The bird will flutter and feed with movements mimicking a real hummingbird.

Is It Fun?

These do have realistic hummingbird movements, especially when feeding. There's a lot of glitter on the birds and fun colors that give them a nice visual appeal when moving. Holding these birds on your finger sort of reminds us of another finger pet toy, so for kids who like these types of interactive animals, Flutter Friends will be fun to play with.

Who It’s For

Flutter Friends are for ages 5 and up. These will be fun for kids who like interactive toy pets.

What To Be Aware Of

Each bird includes four cell batteries.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 cell batteries required