Timeout Toy Box Review (Harmoneez Inc.)

Timeout Toy Box
What It Is

The Timeout Toy Box will be parents' new best friend. Designed to look like a treasure chest, the toy box can hold either rewards for kids to earn or toys and devices taken away as punishment. 

As the name suggests, the main purpose of the Timeout Toy Box is to put toys in timeout. If a child makes a poor choice, a toy or his personal device gets locked inside the box. Clear sides mean a child can still see what's in the box, reminding them of what they need to earn back. Items can be earned back when a child completes one of the tasks on the tokens that are hanging around the toy box. These tasks include laundry, brush teeth, make your bed, and homework. But blank tokens allow parents to write their own. Once a task is complete, parents can mark that it's been done by flipping over the token to show the green checkmark side.

Alternatively, the task tokens hanging from the toy box can be used to promote positive reinforcement. Fill the toy box with candy, gift cards, or other fun rewards, and when a child completes a task or reaches a goal, he can earn a reward from the box.

Or maybe your family needs some quality time without the distraction of devices. Set up a token marking when your family time will be, and then lock away your smartphones and tablets until game night is over.

Is It Fun?

Parents will like that there are different ways to use the Timeout Toy Box, tailoring it to the needs of their family. It's very visual, too, for kids. Children can see what things they can do to earn something or earn something back.

Who It’s For

The Timeout Toy Box is not age-graded, but we think it could be used with children ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Timeout Toy Box includes 12 task tags consisting of six "timeout" tags in three colors and six "bonus" tags in three colors; 18 tokens consisting of 12 pre-printed task tokens and six create-your-own blank tokens; two decorative keys; and a dry-erase marker.

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