Gourmia Jr. Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Warmer Review (Gourmia)

Gourmia Jr. Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Warmer
What It Is

The Gourmia Jr. Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Warmer is a multi-function tool for parents. Use it to sterilize baby bottles, pacifiers, and other accessories so that they are germ-free for baby. And then use the separate warmer to heat up a bottle or defrost frozen breastmilk. A digital display makes it easy to read and select what mode you want to use. Press a button and the machine goes to work.

As a sterilizer, this can sterilize four to six bottles, plus parts and other accessories. You pour water directly onto the heating element, which is coated to prevent rusting, and place all the parts on the bottle and accessory tray. When you press the button to start the steam cycle, a countdown will be displayed and the sterilizer will automatically shut off when it's done.

You can also warm up a bottle using a quick warming method or a gradual warming method. The quick method uses steam to heat the bottle, and you press the buttons to select how long the bottle should be heated. Three minutes is the default time. With the gradual method, you select how much milk needs to be heated, and in about 12 minutes it's done. This method will keep your bottle warm for up to three hours after the heating cycle is complete. 

And if you need to defrost a frozen bag of breastmilk or frozen pouch of baby food, just pop it into the bottle warming unit, fill it with water, and select the appropriate time. Once defrosted, you can use the other functions to warm up the milk accordingly.

The unit also has a preset function so that you can start a function at a future time, for instance, in one hour.

It comes with a cup so you can easily measure the correct amount of water, as well as a pair of tongs to easily and safely remove the heated parts.

Why Is It Useful?

Today's parents know that multi-functional baby gear makes their lives so much easier. Instead of having a separate bottle warmer and sterilizer, this combines the two into one sleek device that doesn't take up as much space, saves time, and gives you lots of options for use. This is definitely an easy-to-use and useful product.

Who It’s For

This sterilizer and warmer is for adult use only. But parents will find it helpful for cleaning their baby's bottles and warming up formula or breastmilk.

What To Be Aware Of

You'll still have to test the temperature of the milk before feeding your baby.

When heating formula using the gradual warming method, it's important to note that even though the machine will keep your bottle warm for three hours, formula needs to be used within one hour of mixing. So the manufacturer recommends not waiting the full three hours.

All components of this machine, except the base, are top rack dishwasher safe.

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