Bakugan Battle Planet Card Collection and Baku-Storage Review (Spin Master)

Bakugan Battle Planet Card Collection and Baku-Storage
What It Is

Here are the Bakugan Storage case and the Bakugan Battle Planet Card Expansion Booster Pack. 

The Bakugan Storage comes with one Dragonoid Bakugan, one Character card, two BakuCores. With the Storage Case, kids can take their Bakugan everywhere they go, and with room for up to 14 Bakugan, kids can keep their Bakugan Character Cards, Ability Cards and BakuCores in one compact and handy place. 

Ultimate Bakugan fans can add additional storage cases and stack them all together. 

The Bakugan Battle Planet booster card package comes with three packs of 10 cards plus two BakuCores and giant collectors card great for display. The giant character card will especially appeal to collectors with its cool foil details. The additional ability cards represent action, hero, evo, and flip.

 To compete in a Bakugan game, each player needs a deck of 40 cards, three Bakugan, and six BakuCores, so again this is a booster pack not a complete Bakugan game. 

Is It Fun?

There are lots of extras that will make your Bakugan battles and play even more epic!

For the ever-growing collection, the Bakugan storage case is great for fans to store their collection, and the Dragonoid figure is a great addition to the collection. The stack-ability of the cases is also a handy feature that makes both storage and play on the go more efficient. 

The Battle Planet Booster set can also be a great addition to a Bakugan collection, especially if you are looking to "boost" your abilities during an upcoming Bakugan battle.  

Who It’s For
These two awesome additions to the Bakugan world are recommended for ages 6 and up. Kids will love the storage that holds up to 14 Bakugan along with cards and Baku-cores as well as the additional card booster packs.
What To Be Aware Of

As a reminder neither of these Bakugan products are recommended as a stand alone set, but are excellent additions to collections. If you are looking to purchase these sets, we suggest getting started with a Bakugan starter set to beginning collecting and battling. If you're looking to find these toys and our reviews on these items, check out those items here.

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