Milestones Sippy Bottle and Silicone Handles Review (Dr. Brown's)

Milestones Sippy Bottle and Silicone Handles
What It Is

Transitioning baby from bottle to cup can be so much easier with the Dr. Brown's Milestones Sippy Bottles and Silicone Handles. These clever products are all about promoting independent drinking. 

The Sippy Bottles utilize the familiar Dr. Brown's bottle but with a soft silicone sippy spout in place of the nipple. A snap-on cap keeps the spout clean while you're on the go. The bottles come in a standard/narrow size that holds eight ounces of liquid and a wide-neck version that holds nine ounces of liquid. Each version has easy-grip silicone handles that are removable so you can easily wash them or use them on other bottles and cups. These are available in blue, teal, or pink.

You can also purchase just the silicone handles in both standard/narrow and wide-neck sizes for use on other bottles and cups. These 100-percent silicone handles allow babies as young as 4 months to get a better grip on their bottles and also provide a nice transition into drinking from sippy cups. The handles are also available in pink, blue, and teal.

Why Is It Useful?

If your baby drinks from a Dr. Brown's bottle, then switching to a Sippy Bottle won't be too much of a surprise because it's the same bottle that baby is used to just with a sippy spout. The handles make it easy to hold, while the lids make it easy to take these bottles on the go. And if you want to add more handles to your other Dr. Brown's bottles and cups, you can purchase the silicone handles individually.

Who It’s For

The Sippy Bottles are for ages 6 months and up, while the separate Silicone Handles are for ages 4 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Sippy Bottles come in an eight-ounce version and a nine-ounce wide-neck version, and both retail for $6.99. The Silicone Handles also come in standard/narrow and wide-neck styles, each $4.99.

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