Toddler Pacifiers Review (MAM)

Toddler Pacifiers
What It Is

Help continue proper oral development while still allowing your toddler to soothe herself with MAM's lineup of Toddler Pacifiers. Designed for children ages 16 months and up, these have a larger shield to accommodate a growing child. The shield is also curved with big air holes to keep the child comfortable and prevent skin irritation. The pacifiers have orthodontic nipples that ensure the proper development of baby's palate, teeth, and gums. And the nipple adapts to a child's mouth, so it's always in the correct position. The large button on the front makes it easy for small hands to grasp the pacifier and provides space for attaching a pacifier clip. And each button features a different design to appeal to toddlers, such as camo color styles and animals. The packaging doubles as a sterile storage solution.

Why Is It Useful?

If you have a toddler who still sucks on a pacifier, then you'll definitely want to invest in pacifiers designed specifically for him. These have fun designs that will be appealing to older babies, while still providing comfort and proper oral development. 

Who It’s For

The Toddler Pacifiers are for ages 16 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

For younger babies, the MAM Mini Cooler Teethers provide massaging and soothing relief.

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