Mini Cooler Teethers Review (MAM)

Mini Cooler Teethers
What It Is

Teething is no fun, but with the MAM Mini Cooler Teethers, relief is on the way. These specially designed teethers massage and soothe sore gums, and can even reach all the way back to a child's molars. The BPA-free teether is filled with purified water and can be cooled in a fridge for even more relief. And two different textures on the teether provide different massaging options.

The ring handle is curved to make it easy for babies to hold the teether. You can also attach the included clip to the ring handle and clip the teether to your child's clothes.

These are available in pink or blue.

Why Is It Useful?

Teething toys are a must when your baby starts to teethe, and we like the design of these because it ensures the cooling and massaging relief reaches even the back teeth. And it's something that will always be on hand for baby thanks to the clip.

Who It’s For

The Mini Cooler Teethers are for ages 2 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

These teethers can be cooled in a fridge for one hour. Do not place them in the freezer.

Additional MAM products include Toddler Pacifiers.

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