Sherpa American Airlines Pet Carrier & Comfort Strap Review (Worldwise)

Sherpa American Airlines Pet Carrier & Comfort Strap
What It Is

 Flying with a pet can be stressful. Every airline has their own rules about what can and cannot fly, and often, pet parents are not properly prepared or aware of the requirements. This bag is not only backed by American Airlines, it is also Guaranteed On Board, meaning its compliant with each airlines' specific rules. Leaving your stress grounded.

Why Is It Useful?

What makes this carrier even more useful is the additional Comfort Strap from Sherpa.  Since the duffle carrier does not have wheels, it is great to have as an extra helper on any excursion that involves your pet . It is made from a comfy, stretchy material that evenly distributes the weight of the carrier over your entire shoulder instead of being concentrated on the thin strap that usually results in shoulder pain.

Who It’s For

This carrier can also easily be used for other trips that do not include plane travel. From annual vet visits, to play dates with friends. Or whatever else your furbaby might need to leave your home for. The bag shown is the medium size, meant for animals up to 16 pounds. And although it may look like its rather short, Clawd fit and curled into it with ease.

What To Be Aware Of

If there were any changes we would make to this duo, it would be to make the faux fur lining a little thicker and plushier. But at the end of the day, it certainly did not prevent Clawd from curling up and enjoying this convenient travel duffle from Sherpa.

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