Bakugan Battle Planet Battle Brawlers Starter Set Review (Spin Master)

Bakugan Battle Planet Battle Brawlers Starter Set
What It Is

The Bakugan phenomenon that took the world by storm returns with the all new Bakugan:Battle Planet toys and card game collection. This rebooted figure and role playing card game will have you and your friends competing for the title of Ultimate Bakugan Brawler. The amazingly popular series from Spin Master is designed for ages 6 and up. The Boxed starter set includes a deck of 40 ability cards, 3 character cards, 1 Bakugan Ultra figure, 2 Bakugan Battle Brawler figures and 6 BakuCores. The packaged starter set contains the same amount of figures and BakuCores but it has only 3 ability cards instead of 40. The single packs contain 1 Bakugan or a Bakugan Ultra, both have 1 Character Card, and 2 Bakucores but only the Ultras come with an additional ability card. These colorful and multi hinged Bakugan figures are so cool and leap open when they come in contact with their BakuCores. The packaging shows how to turn these monsters from another dimension back into their Battle Brawler orb configurations. There is a collector's checklist and a mini rule book on how the card game is played in each package. With names like AQUOS GARGANOID, VENTUS FANGZOR, and DARKUS HYDOROUD, parents will have no clue what their kids are saying but the kids will be in Bakugan bliss! Kids can collect, learn and even download the BAKUGAN FAN HUB app for more on these shape shifting orbs.

Is It Fun?

With amazing orb to monster detail transformations, kids will love collecting and watching these figures in action. How do they work or more how do you roll? These colorful and multi hinged Bakugans figures are so cool. They leap open when rolled or dropped on their BakuCores.  Contact makes them pop open with Baku Action. Great new figure designs make these cool multi hinged constructed creatures easy to reassemble. There are many ways to play Bakugan, it's a little complicated at first to understand but once kids get the hang of this specialized world they'll take to it like a VENTUS FANGZOR to a BakuCore!

Who It’s For
These super fun collectibles are designed for ages 6 and up. Young Bakugan enthusiasts will really get a kick out of these ready to pop open orbs when they transform into monsters from another dimension. Older collectors will get the most out of the actual card game. A deck of 40 ability cards is needed for each player to compete and the game requires reading and calculating scores. The game is fun and the figures add to the challenge, so even if a child is not familiar with the series they may enjoy the sci-fi shape shifting figures.

What To Be Aware Of

To play the trading card game, each player needs a 40 ability card deck of their own. Cards can be purchased in separate booster packs. Parents will have to learn a whole new vocabulary to understand what Bakugan is all about. 

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