The Pocket Shot Junior Arrow Kit and Practice Ammo Review (The Pocket Shot)

The Pocket Shot Junior Arrow Kit and Practice Ammo
What It Is

The Evolution of the Slingshot is here. The Junior Arrow Kit, from Pocket Shot, includes a pocket shot launcher and three rubber-tipped, plastic arrows. Some minor assembly is required. Load your arrow, pull back on the latex pouch and away it flies. You'll need to shoot a few arrows before getting the hang of it, but once you do, you will have fun. If you're not ready for the arrows, Pocket Shot also makes Practice Ammo. The pouch includes 100 plastic balls and you'll need to unscrew the front face of the launcher to use them. The balls are not as fun and can easily get lost, so I think you're fine just using the arrows. This is recommended for ages 12+ - the Arrow Kit requires some dexterity and an understanding of it to use it safely. So take your arrow from your pocket and get ready for fun! 

Is It Fun?
Yes, the arrows fly well and are fun to shoot.  
Who It’s For
Fans of arrows, slingshots and shooting things, ages 12+
What To Be Aware Of
Practice safety when using this item!
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