Pet Wand Review (Waterpik)

Pet Wand
What It Is

Rarely do dogs sit up and beg for a bath, but this Pet Wand will make bath time better. The Waterpik Pet Wand combines a contoured wand shape with a powerful WaterComb Spray to penetrate, clean, and quickly rinse dirt away even if your dog's fur is thick. This wand features an 8-foot flexible hose, one-handed water flow control as well as a swivel connection for a directional spray so there is no need to lift your dog. The Pet Wand also comes with indoor and outdoor attachments for a home sink or a garden hose.

Why Is It Useful?

At first glance, I didn't think much of this wand. I've used pet hoses before and I found most to be useless and cumbersome. They always seem to be more work than they're worth, but this Pet Wand is not that at all. I found the WaterComb Spray amazingly easy to use and extremely helpful. First, its super long hose is such a bonus. One thing I did struggle with though was getting my shower head off to use. I think this issue was shower specific though and I was able to get it hooked up to my sink and still wash my pups in the tub thanks to the length of this hose. Likewise, I loved that I didn't have to use any tools or additional attachments for the sink. Moreover, the contoured wand shape and WaterComb Spray make washing and rinsing my husky mix's thick and difficult hair easy, but can be adjusted for sensitive areas, too.

Who It’s For

This Pet Wand is good for dogs that like baths, but it is even better for dogs that don't like baths because it makes bath time more efficient and thus faster. We also think it works great for a variety of fur types, especially thick fur. 

What To Be Aware Of

A Pro model of the Pet Wand features a Shower Diverter, which could also be used.

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