Hyper Cluster Yo-Yo Packs Review (Bandai)

Hyper Cluster Yo-Yo Packs
What It Is

Say hello to the next generation of yo-yos. The Hyper Cluster Yo-Yo Starter Pack is a high-performance yo-yo system that's as unique as you are. These yo-yos allow you to change their skins and cores to express your individual style and tailor their performance to your personal trick style. Both skins and cores are rated for speed, stamina, loop, weight, and control. To assemble a Hyper Cluster, select skins, choose a core, and CRANK IT! Each Starter Pack includes two skins, a control core with precision bearings, an instruction sheet and a cluster cable (high-performance yo-yo string).

Is It Fun?

We had a lot of fun with these, since they are more than just a yo-yo. These Hyper Clusters are truly customizable. Like the look of your Hyper Cluster, but want to change up it's response and performance? Then crank on a different core. Or maybe you want to change up your yo-yo's look, then just crank on a new skin. All parts are compatible and can be swapped to change the performance and look of your Hyper Cluster. When changing and modifying your Hyper Cluster, at first it can be a bit tricky, but hey you'll probably get the hang of it.

Who It’s For

These yo-yos are recommended for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each is sold separately and some assembly is required.

  • Fun

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