Roller Skates Review (Circle Society)

Roller Skates
What It Is

The Circle Society Roller Skates from Bravo Sports are inspired by the super hot roller skating movement of the 1970s, but updated with new functionality for today's growing kids. 

These new roller skates come in a variety of fun styles, such as the ones shown in our video review with wing attachments. Other patterns include a retro leopard print, a confetti print, a polka dot print, and more. Additional features include long laces, which you'll want to tie a few times to keep your skates snug and a break at the toe of both skates. The real highlight to these skates though is that they are designed to grow with you, and ensure a custom fit. The Circle Society has a unique patent-pending feature that allows you to adjust the size of the skate by just pulling the front of the skate's toe forward to extend it three different sizes. There's a button you'll need to press on either side while pulling out or pushing in the toe of the skates. The skates will lock into place at the size preferred.

Is It Fun?

These skates are a great option for parents looking to invest in roller skates for their child that will last and grow with them. Plus, these skates are stylish so it encourages kids to want to show them off while getting active and having fun outdoors or in a local skating rink.

Who It’s For

The Circle Society Roller Skates are from Bravo Sports and they're for ages 5-14.  Skates are currently available in kids sizes 3-7 and youth 12-3, shown here. 

What To Be Aware Of

The one thing to note for first-time skaters is that using roller skates of any kind do take practice. For those more familiar or practiced with roller blading, roller skating is a completely different experience. The wheels keep spinning unlike on a roller blade, so you may feel a bit wobbly and need to practice stopping when starting out. As you may be able to tell from our video, we are clearly not professionals and we highly suggest investing in proper safety gear, including a helmet (a must!); knee and elbow pads; and wrist guards. 

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