Silicon Valley Start Ups Review (Mattel)

Silicon Valley Start Ups
What It Is

Do you have a big idea? Pitch it in the new party game Silicon Valley Start Ups. Players must pitch crazy companies and convince an investor to fund them. The player with the most successful pitches wins.

Each round one player will be the investor. All other players are the entrepreneurs. When it's your turn to pitch, draw two company name cards and pick the one you want to use, creating your company name using the instructions on the card. Then, draw two target user cards and pick one, and draw two industry cards and pick one of those. Then, it's time for your pitch. 

But watch out, because the investor is going to ask you a follow-up question. He draws two hot trend cards and picks one to ask you how you'll leverage that trend in your startup.

After each player has pitched, the investor awards one of the hot trend cards to the winner. 

After each player has been the investor twice, the player with the most hot trend cards wins.

Is It Fun?

This game will definitely be fun as long as you've got players who are creative and not afraid to be silly. There are tips in the instructions for how to pitch, and basically, just make it all up. If you have a lot of players or want to team up for some extra pitching help, you can also play a team version of the game. 

Who It’s For

The Silicon Valley Start Ups Game is for three to 10 players ages 14 and up. If you're a fan of TV shows like Shark Tank, then you'll really like playing this game.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes 112 company name cards, 112 industry cards, 112 target user cards, and 112 hot trend cards. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy