Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard Review (Hasbro)

Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard
What It Is

Now you can mold and build with Play-Doh in a whole new way thanks to the Play-Doh Wheels toy line. This mixes construction vehicle play with creative Play-Doh play and introduces the new Buildin' Compound with visual textures that look like different building materials, including brick, stone, pavement, and cement.

The Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard set comes with a grinder so kids can crush black pavement (aka glittery black Play-Doh) into gravel and use the dump truck and steamroller to haul, dump, and flatten. 

The set includes a dump truck vehicle, a steam roller vehicle, a gravel grinder, three two-ounce cans of Play-Doh (in orange, tan, and brown), and one two-ounce can of Black Pavement Buildin' Compound.

Is It Fun?

Kids who like construction vehicles and playing with Play-Doh will really like being part of their own construction crew as they pave a roadway or get building however they want. The look of the Buildin' Compound is nice and sparkly, which adds a fun visual appeal as kids play.

Who It’s For

The Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard is for ages 3 and up, and will be fun for kids who like playing with Play-Doh and construction vehicles.

What To Be Aware Of

Play-Doh contains wheat.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy