Spot Skinneeez Extreme Stuffers Frog, Pig, and Cow Dog Toys Review (Ethical Products)

Spot Skinneeez Extreme Stuffers Frog, Pig, and Cow Dog Toys
What It Is

Give your dog a little extra excitement with the Skinneez Extreme Stuffer Dog Toys. These toys which come in a variety of characters are strong, stuffing-free toys that are built to last. These toys feature cute dimpled fabric, but also have a Rip Stop mesh lining for extra strength, and they are reinforced with two layers for durability, but what makes these toys unique are the fact that they can be stuffed with a plastic bottle, making this toy a bit more enticing and exciting as well as eco-friendly.

Is It Fun?

My dogs liked  this toy, but at first they weren't quite sure what to make of this super flat furry animal. Once I put a water bottle inside this toy, their play came alive. I will say I like the water bottle idea, its pretty neat, but its hard to get a regular size water bottle to fit though. It is a very snug fit, but I do like that there's no stuffing, there's no risk of mess if these toys get ripped.

Who It’s For

These toys are ideal for dogs that love plush toys and for pet parents who hate that mess. 

What To Be Aware Of

Now, while my dogs may have liked this product, each dog is different so results may vary.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value