Spot Skinneeez Extreme Triple Squeak Snake and Shark Dog Toys Review (Ethical Products)

Spot Skinneeez Extreme Triple Squeak Snake and Shark Dog Toys
What It Is

Have fun with these fierce and silly and super long non-stuffed dog toys. The Skinneeez Extreme Triple Squeaker dog toys feature 3 jumbo squeakers that are designed to be puncture proof. Also, this dog toy has a rip stop mesh lining for extra strength! Plus, they come in fun creatures with silly details like a snake with a slithering tongue.

Is It Fun?

My dogs love these toys. They liked their extra long bodies, which made them good for shaking and tugging. I liked that these dog toys seem to last longer with my heavy chewers because they don't contain any messy stuffing. Yes, stuffing-free! However, even without the stuffing, they are still three times the fun with their three squeakers that really do seem puncture proof. With fun soft textures, silly colors and details, who doesn't love an expressive snake, these toys are sure to delight your dog and give you less mess and stress. 

Who It’s For

These toys are ideal for dogs that love squeaker toys and rough play. 

What To Be Aware Of

Now, while my dogs may have liked this product, each dog is different so results may vary. Also, we recommend supervision of your dog during play.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value