Kanoodle and Kanoodle Head to Head Review (Educational Insights)

Kanoodle and Kanoodle Head to Head
What It Is

Educational Insights is offering up two whole new versions of its popular brain-teasing puzzle game, Kanoodle with Kanoodle Head-to-Head and an updated version of the original Kanoodle with 200 new puzzles. 

Kanoodle Basics: Kanoodle comes with 12 different colorful Kanoodle pieces. Each piece is shaped differently, features a different color, and designated by a different letter. To an average player, the letter designation may not seem important but for those that are color-blind the letter designation and handy chart featured on the Kanoodle packaging is super handy for further helping to differentiate the pieces. The game also comes with a puzzle booklet, which is where you'll select a puzzle to solve using the Kanoodles pieces. 

Gameplay for Kanoodle: Players start by setting up the puzzle as displayed. Each puzzle is missing some Kanoodle pieces, then its up to you to figure out the rest. There's different levels to the puzzle challenges starting from Pro to Genius for 2-D puzzles. Pro is actually for beginners (who doesn't want to feel like a pro starting the game?), and these puzzles are extremely easy with most requiring you to simply place the last missing piece. We suggest you move straight to the next level. 

There are also 3-D puzzles once you've worked your way through all the 2-D puzzles or just want more of an immediate challenge. There are three challenge levels for the 3-D puzzles, ranging from Whiz to Expert to Genius. 

Kanoodle head-to-Head Gameplay: In this version, there's an added competitive component, beyond simply playing against yourself. You're still solving puzzles, but now it's a race to solve the puzzles first. The platform is set-up kind of like the game of Battleship. A puzzle card is placed in the console's center holder and the clock begins. The puzzle card shows both players the same puzzle to solve. Players then use their pieces to arrange the Kanoodles pieces first to win the round. The first player with five wins takes the crown.

Is It Fun?

 Kanoodle is a great game in all its forms. We like that the update to the original offers new challenges to existing Kanoodle fans, while Kanoodle Head-to-Head adds engaging new elements to the gameplay. Given how many puzzles are included with both as well, there's a lot of repeat play value out of these two games. 

Who It’s For

Both versions of Kanoodle are for ages 7 and up from Educational Insights. We see the Kanoodles classic as a good solo game option to occupy time on road trips, and work your brain muscles on the go. The Head-to-Head Kanoodle version will appeal to kids and adults that like a bit more competition and interaction. It will also appeal to Kanoodle fans that are looking for a new way to play.

What To Be Aware Of
In the two-player head-to-head version, players should both set up their game boards to match the puzzle cards before beginning the game. 
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