Easy Baby Travelers Starter Set Review (Easy Baby)

Easy Baby Travelers Starter Set
What It Is

Keep your diaper bag more organized with Easy Baby Travelers Bags. The Starter Set includes four bags that denote what baby gear goes where, keeping everything separate and organized in whatever bag you're calling the diaper bag. Or you can leave behind the bulky diaper bag and only take the Easy Baby bag that you need. 

The Change Me, Dress Me, and Feed Me bags measure 10 inches by six inches by five inches. They hold at least a day's worth of baby or toddler supplies for up to two children. The fourth bag is an insulated Feed Me bag that holds your bottles, sippy cups, or other perishables. It also has a fastener handle so you can clip it onto your stroller.

There are a variety of styles to choose from, including Detroit Rock City, Brooklyn, Seersucker, Laguna Beach Polka Dot, and Florida Keys.

Why Is It Useful?

Even though many diaper bags are filled with interior pockets and such, it can still be hard to find what you want and take it all out. But with the Easy Baby Travelers Bags, what you want is contained within its own removable pouch. No more juggling a diaper, the wipes, the changing mat, etc. These bags would be great for travel, but we're sure moms will want to use them for everyday trips to the playground and grocery store.

Who It’s For

These bags are designed for moms (and dads) to use to keep their baby and toddler gear more organized when on the go.

What To Be Aware Of

All Easy Baby bags are made of cotton and should be spot cleaned.

The bags are also available separately if you only need one or two.

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