Arnie the Doughnut Soft Toy and We're All Wonders Auggie Soft Toy Review (Yottoy)

Arnie the Doughnut Soft Toy and We're All Wonders Auggie Soft Toy
What It Is

Sometimes it's nice to cuddle with a favorite friend from a storybook as you read the book, and that's what Yottoy offers with its soft toys based on popular characters from children's books. There's the Auggie Soft Toy based on the character from the picture book We're All Wonders and the Arnie the Doughnut Soft Toy based on the picture book of the same name.

The 10-inch Auggie Soft Toy features blue lace-up sneakers, yellow shorts, and a silver star on a red knit T-shirt. And just like the character from the book, the plush toy wears an astronaut helmet that can be removed to reveal Auggie's "extraordinary" face.

The 7.5-inch Arnie the Doughnut Soft Toy has a chocolate frosted, rainbow sprinkle design with floppy velour arms and legs. Its bean-filled bottom allows it to sit up on its own.

Is It Fun?

If you already own We're All Wonders or Arnie the Doughnut books or you're looking to purchase them to add to your home library, these soft toys would make a great addition. Kids will like having the book character with them as they read the book, and then playing out the story or other adventures with the plush toys when storytime is over.

Who It’s For

These book-themed toys will be fun for fans of the books ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Auggie toy is $23 and the Arnie toy is $22, and the hardcover picture books are $18.99 each.

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