Crayon Rocks and Rubeez Review (Crayon Rocks)

Crayon Rocks and Rubeez
What It Is

Coloring rocks when you've got Crayon Rocks. They may be shaped like rocks, but they're actually crayons. The size allows kids to color in large strokes and help them strengthen their tripod grip muscles, preparing their fingers and hands for pen and pencil use. These colorful crayons are made from natural waxes that come from American soy beans, so they are non-toxic and vegan. You can get an eight-count, 16-count, or 32-count of crayons, and each is sold separately.

You can also purchase a set of Rubeez to add texture to your creations. Rubeez templates are to be used underneath paper and "scrubbed" over with the flat side of a crayon, creating a graphic background. You get eight different six-inch by six-inch design boards, and you can even compost them in your garden when you're done using them.

Is It Fun?

If you're looking for new tools to add to the arts and crafts box, then Crayon Rocks and Rubeez would be a good fit. These will inspire lots of creative play among young artists.

Who It’s For

Crayon Rocks are for creative kids ages 3 and up. Rubeez are more ideal for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

An eight-count pouch is $4.75, a 16-count pouch is $8.99, a 32-count is $14.95, and the Rubeez are sold separately for $6. Smaller and larger counts of Crayon Rocks are also available and sold separately.

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