Pounce Interactive Cat Toy Review (PetFusion)

Pounce Interactive Cat Toy
What It Is

Grab your cat's attention and satisfy their need to hunt with this interactive cat toy. The Pounce Interactive Cat Toy simulates prey popping in and out from 6 different entries. This electronic hide and seek cat toy features randomized and fast paced feathers that pop in and out, LED lighting, for daytime and nighttime use, as well as anti-skid feet to help keep this toy in place on smooth surfaces like hardwood floors and tile.

Is It Fun?

My Kitty, Phelix, pounced on this toy and loved it right away. He really was absolutely enthralled with this toy's feather random play and trying to grab them when they pop out from one of the 6 different holes. I like that this toy seemed to not only mentally stimulate him for hours, but physically exercise him and kept him nimble. I also like that the feathers are easy to replace and replacement feathers are available. Plus, I loved its sleek and compact design which is great for small places.

Who It’s For

This interactive toy is for both kittens and older cats. It can be a bit noisy at times, especially for young kittens.

What To Be Aware Of

Now, while my cat might have liked this toy, each cat is different so results may vary. It should be noted that this cat toy requires and comes with 4 AA batteries.

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