Lovoom Interactive Pet Monitor Review (Lovoom)

Lovoom Interactive Pet Monitor
What It Is

 Keep an eye on your pets at all times with this ultimate virtual pet sitter. The Lovoom Interactive Pet Monitor is a virtual pet sitter smart pet camera. This pet camera connects to your home's wifi and can be controlled via a smartphone app or with a remote control (batteries not included). This pet camera can toss treats to your pets, has two-way audio and comes with 720p HD video with a 90 degrees angle view with digital 4x zoom. It can also pan/ rotate up to 180 degrees.

Why Is It Useful?

The Lovoom has changed the way I interact with my pets when I'm away. It gives me a peace of mind knowing that I can check in on them anytime. The app is easy to use through connecting to your home's wifi. Connecting for the first time can be tricky. That being said, when this pet camera is connected and works, wow does it really work. I love that I can find or call my pets via the app's two-way high-quality audio and reward them for coming. Also, I can see my babies pretty well depending on my internet connection with this camera's HD camera, which allows me to record videos or take photos. But what really makes this pet camera so special compared to others, apart from its remote, is that this camera can pan 180 degrees allowing me to see a lot of my home and the Lovoom lets me adjust the distance (approx. 3 to 10 feet) and direction of treats that I'm tossing to my pets keeping them active even when I'm not around.

Who It’s For

This pet camera is ideal for pets that don't mind electronics in the home and get bored easily when your away. It is also great for worried pet parents like myself to help us feel guilt-free. 

What To Be Aware Of

Lovoom comes with a one-year free warranty from the date of shipping. All cameras are CE, FCC and KC certified. Its remote requires one button cell battery. It also comes with auto play, timer play and only weights 3.5 pounds.

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    1 battery required