Spirit Riding Free Collector Series Horses Review (Just Play)

Spirit Riding Free Collector Series Horses
What It Is

In each of the new Spirit Riding Free Collector Series Horses from Just Play, which are sold separately, it's all about the horses from the show. Based on the animated Netflix original series Spirit Riding Free, these three sets feature three new horses yet to be introduced to audiences. There's Tiller, Liberty, and Bandit. Each of the horses stands at roughly seven-inches tall and is set in a dynamic horse pose. Tiller, for example, looks like its grazing, while Liberty looks like its trotting and Bandit look like its set in more of a gallop. 

The Tiller horse toy showcases the character's features from the show: it's brown with a white mane and tail. Liberty features a white coat and a yellowish mane and tail. Bandit features a white body and black mane and tail. 

Is It Fun?

These toys are perfect for horse lovers and especially fans of Spirit: Riding Free, encouraging lots of imaginative play. Kids can pretend to act out scenes from the open fields of the series or take those to the open spaces of your bedroom or backyard to graze, gallop, and prance. The set poses also make it easy for little fans to easily grip and manipulate the toys. You can collect just one or all three horses to interact with one another. The set poses also make them great to keep up as a display piece.

Who It’s For
Children ages 3 and older may enjoy the horse-play. 
What To Be Aware Of
The horses can't be posed in different ways and are sold separately. 
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty