Monopoly for Millennials Review (Hasbro)

Monopoly for Millennials
What It Is

Monopoly for Millennials is a new version of the classic game of Monopoly, only this version is made with the struggle of Millennials in mind. Yes, that's right, Millennials now get their own version of Monopoly. 

Goal of the Game: Instead of simply collecting money in this game, players are also collecting experience points in order to win. 

Game Set-Up: All players start the game with $100---you're a broke Millennial, so spend wisely! The classic game tokens are replaced by Millennial-themed tokens including a hashtag, laughing emoji, bike, aviator shades, an emoji version of the Mr. Monopoly head, and a point-and-shoot camera---although do stereotypical millennials use actual cameras?

Gameplay: The player with the most student debt goes first. On your turn, roll the dice, move your token, and follow the action rules required based on where your token lands. 

Spaces include:

Pass Go: Collect $20, aka your depressingly small "salary."

Chance and Community Chest: Land on one of these spaces and draw a card from either deck. Cards are themed to this version of the game. For example, there's the "Collect $20 because your mom finally learned how to text" and "You literally can't even pay your student loan bill" Community Chest Cards. Or you can draw chance cards such as the "Your side hustle selling vegan candles is starting to pay off." 

Bike Share: The Bike Share spaces allows you to move to any other space on the board. It will cost you $10 for each future bike share spot you pass. If you choose to use a Bike Share, though, you won't be able to collect $20 when you pass go this time around the board. 

Jail: Jail is jail, and the rules are generally the same as in the original game of Monopoly. To get out: pay up, use a Get out of Jail Free card, or roll a double. One up side to going to jail in this game, however, is that it earns you an experience chip. Jail is an experience. 

Destinations: Like the original game, you can buy and trade Destination spots. If you land on one that's already been purchased, you'll need to pay up. Then you and the owner of the space can take an experience token. 

How to Win: Count up your Experience Chips and the Experience Point you've earned on your Destination Cards to determine the winner. 

Is It Fun?

The tagline for this game says it all: "Forget real estate, you can't afford it anyway." While funny in theory, for those actually living the real-life struggles of high rents, living at home (not by choice), or those that buck these stereotypes all together---the jokes fall flat. Yes, some of the Millennial humor can be funny and completely relatable, especially the overall concept that Millennials value experiences over money---this is a proven data-backed fact. That said, some Millennials (specifically those that don't fit the stereotype) may find some of the content offensive. 

That said, if you take the game at face-value and don't get into these kind of deeper, somewhat darker, issues, it's still the classic game of Monopoly only a bit modernized. After all, some things are true: such as a preference for artisanal coffee shops and avocado toast. 

Who It’s For

 Monopoly for Millennials is for ages 8 and up from Hasbro. While this game is likely intended to appeal to Millennials, or at least those that find the self-deprecating humor in it, it may be more enjoyable to their parents and families that like to poke fun at the stereotype. 

What To Be Aware Of

How Do Experience Chips Work? Experience tokens remain hidden from other players until the end of the game, because they do have different values. They feature thumbs up and thumbs down symbols on them with a positive or negative value. 

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