Celtic Mandalynth and Finger Labyrinth Card Packs Review (Ravensdaughter Designs)

Celtic Mandalynth and Finger Labyrinth Card Packs
What It Is

First there was mindful coloring to relax, and now there is mindful tracing. The Celtic Mandalynth and Finger Labyrinth Card Packs provide focused awareness of following a path to help your mind calm down. Each pack is sold separately. 

There are Travel Card Pack versions of each that include 10 full-color cards, each with a different design to trace. There's also a sparkly stylus to use, but you could use a capped pen, a coffee stir stick, or something similar as a stylus. On the back of each card you'll find information about the design as well as an inspirational phrase.

The larger Laminated Card Activity 6-Packs each includes six designs that you can trace with your finger. The back of each card provides information about the design and an inspirational phrase.

Is It Fun?

These cards can be used by kids and adults. Whether you're a teen or a parent, if you need a time out and a way to deal with stress and anxiety, sitting and tracing these intricate patterns might be a soothing and enjoyable activity.

Who It’s For

There is no specific age-grade for these, but teens and adults can use them on their own, while parents can use them with slightly younger children.

What To Be Aware Of

The travel cards are $10.95, while the larger card packs are $19.95. Each is sold separately.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy