Super Monsters Trouble Game Review (Hasbro)

Super Monsters Trouble Game
What It Is

Hasbro Gaming's newest yet oldest addition, Trouble and the Super Monsters Netflix inspired edition, is here! The set comes with the plastic game unit base with the Pop-o-matic dice roller, cardboard game board insert, and 16 plastic character pawns. You'll be able to choose between four characters or between four colors; Katya in yellow, Lobo in blue, Frankie in green or Zoe in red. You'll be able to see all characters dressed in regular human clothes and when they're dressed up as Super Monsters. Just like the original game you'll have to race your set of four pawns around the whole board to win. Press the Pop-O-Matic dice roller and imagine racing around the Pitchfork Pines neighborhood. The Pop-o-matic dice roller contains two dice: one with traditional numbers and one with special symbols on two sides; a moon and red mask. The moon symbol allows you to move a character from HOME to your START space. You may then move any one of your characters on the track the number of spaces that appears on the number die. The mask symbol allows you to swap the position of any one of your characters on the track with any other player's character on the track, OR players may ignore the swap and make a regular move, following the number die. You may not swap with characters that are in the HOME or FINISH spaces.

Is It Fun?

Children who enjoy Super Monsters and even children who enjoy board games. It's simple enough for young children 5 and up to understand.

Who It’s For

Recommended for children 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Set-up is easy, allows 2-4 players to play.

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