Transformers BotBots Single-Packs Review (Hasbro)

Transformers BotBots Single-Packs
What It Is

BotBots Transformers are a rare form of little Transformers that transformed the objects inside a shopping mall into tiny robots thanks to a wave of Transformers energy called Energon. There are currently 61 one-inch characters in the first series. In this video review we are featuring a small sampling of single-packed BotBots. 

Adding to the fun of the reveal of these figures, each comes packaged in a kind of plastic pod that you push to pop out (think of it like popping a giant piece of bubble wrap). Once the character is out, you'll then be able to easily transform your BotBots in just three-to-five easy steps. Directions are also included for the transformations, and can be found on the included collector guide. The guide also provides info on your BotBot character such as name and tribe. BotBots belong to 7 different tribes: Sugar Shocks (sweet treats), the Backpack Bunch (school equipment), the Toilet Troop (bathroom items), the Techie Team (electronic gadgets), the Greaser Gang (fast food), the Shed Heads (gardening gear), and the Jock Squad (sporting goods). 

Is It Fun?

What we really like about these transforming collectibles is how silly and mischievous they are---not to mention easily transform! 

We also like how these Transformers characters can stand independent from the original Transformers storyline, based on the unique idea of everyday objects coming to life as robots. It's the kind of storyline that we think kids willl respond well to, imagining the objects in their own worlds coming to life. Plus, the characters have very witty backstories, such as a lactose-intolerant grilled cheese character from the Greaser Gang. 

Who It’s For

BotBots are for ages 5 and up from Hasbro. These are the types of collectibles that will cast a wider age net, appealing to kids for their pint-sized collectibility and transformations as well as the kidults (not just Transformers fans) for display on desks, etc., especially those amused by the backstories to the characters. 

What To Be Aware Of
There are 61 characters in series 1 with more expected to arrive in 2019. 

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