Spot Flappy Jax Dog Toys Review (Ethical Products)

Spot Flappy Jax Dog Toys
What It Is

Whether wild or gentle these plush dog toys can handle both kinds of pups. The Spot Flappy Jax Dog Toys are soft, furry plush toys. They have big soft heads and round squeaky bodies. They feature flappy cord tails to stimulate dogs' natural instincts as well as have a variety of textures making it easy for dogs to grip and hold them. They come in an assortment of jungle creatures, like a frog, monkey, or lion.

Is It Fun?

My pups, Rockie and Lokie, enjoyed these toys, especially my younger dog, Lokie. He liked pulling on the frog as well as squeezing it to hear it make squeaking sounds.  These toys' squeaky bodies are not overly loud or annoying, like some dog toys. Overall, I found them great for shaking and tugging, but most of all cuddling.

Who It’s For

These dog toys are ideal for youthful and playful pups who love soft plush dog toys and active play. 

What To Be Aware Of

Now, while my dogs may have loved this product, every dog is different and results and likability may vary.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value