Dog Gone Ball Blaster Review (Marshmallow Fun Company)

Dog Gone Ball Blaster
What It Is

The Dog Gone Ball Blaster from the Marshmallow Fun Company lets pet parents just say no to slimy fingers. With this fetch toy, you can instead pick up tennis balls by just scooping them up, and then send them flying for your furry friend. This ball blaster features a strap attachment, vessel pump, handle, trigger and a tennis ball loading port. 

To get it to work, simply scoop the ball into the blaster, pump up to eight to 10 times on the pump, and then pull the trigger for an exciting game of fetch.

Is It Fun?

This dog ball blaster and fetch toy is perfect for highly active dogs. It makes the game of fetch easy and clean---no slime time here! Dogs that like fecth will especially love how far and fast the balls can fly with this toy. Plus, this Dog Gone Ball Blaster comes with a tennis ball that squeaks as an added bonus. 

Who It’s For

This blaster is recommended for humans ages 6 and up. It is ideal for very active dogs that love to run and playing with tennis balls. This will especially appeal to pet owners that want to add some distance to their game of fetch, while avoiding getting their hands slimy.

What To Be Aware Of

This blaster is intended to blast tennis balls ONLY. Also, one should be aware of your surroundings when blasting, and avoiding all eyes or faces.

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