Bucket of Doom Toxic Edition Review (Big Potato Games)

Bucket of Doom Toxic Edition
What It Is

Hold your nose because your game night just got toxic with the new Bucket of Doom Toxic Edition. The original Bucket of Doom game was a fun and adults-only party game that saw players inventing escape plans for ridiculous scenarios using the object cards in their hands. If your escape plan was voted the best, you won a Doom Card. And the first player to win three Doom Cards wins the game.

The Toxic Edition still plays that way except there are all-new situations, all-new objects, and the Stench of Doom. Basically, if your escape plan wasn't chosen as the winner, you're dealt a facedown Stench Deck card that will tell you if you have to open the Stench of Doom canister and take a whiff of defeat.

This version also includes a few alternative rules to spice up the gameplay.

Is It Fun?

This provides some of the same wacky and R-rated gameplay as the original version. For instance, if you were one of Santa's reindeer being lead to the slaughterhouse because you've got a fear of flying, how would you get out of that situation? Maybe a hipster beard, a swarm of bees, Bob Ross, or one of the many inappropriate objects in the game could help you out? The fun is in getting creative to hatch your stories, especially when your sense of smell is on the line.

Who It’s For

Bucket of Doom Toxic Edition is for three or more players ages 17 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The scent disc in the Stench of Doom canister really doesn't have that strong of a scent.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy