GoDog Ultimate Ballz Review (Worldwise)

GoDog Ultimate Ballz
What It Is
The GoDog Ultimate Ballz are dog toys that look like tennis balls but are much safer.  That's because the outer layer will not affect your dogy's tooth enamel over time and the inner core is solid foam and will not pop like a tennis ball that is hollow. Tennis balls can lodge in your dog's throat if broken in half and be fatal.  The Ultimate Ballz come in 3 packs and the colors are vibrant, almost neon making them easy to find.  The Ultimate Ballz and ScrewBallz are available in larger sizes for larger dogs. 
Is It Fun?
The Ultimate Ballz are safe fun for dogs that enjoy fetching and chasing balls. 
Who It’s For
The GoDog Ultimate Ballz are for any dogs that enjoy fetching a tossed ball.  These would be an excellent gifts for pet parents who spend a lot of time playing fetch with their dogs.
What To Be Aware Of
The GoDog Ultimate Ballz come in 2 sizes, small and large.  The patent pending Tough-Core technology prevents the ball from popping and accidentally lodging in your dog's throat.  The price is for a 3-pack of Ballz.
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