Later Alligator Twins 17 Piece Gift Set and PlayDate Twin Jogger Stroller Review (Adora)

Later Alligator Twins 17 Piece Gift Set and PlayDate Twin Jogger Stroller
What It Is

Two new sets-- Adora's cutest new set of babies, The Later Alligator Twins and the Playdate Twin Jogger Stroller! This 17-piece gift set comes with two 11" mini baby dolls (1 boy and 1 girl) dressed in adorable removable overalls and 15 accessories; 2 alligator security blankets in pink and green, a plate, spoon, fork and two bibs with cute sayings, "See you later alligator" and "After a while crocodile." Their sweet ADORAble faces have realistic-looking features and have the signature ADORA fresh baby powder scent. Both babies can even suck their thumbs! The Later Alligtaor Twins have vinyl heads, and are soft. To add more fun to The Later Alligator Twins, you can purchase the Playdate Twin Jogger Stroller, which is sold separately. The stroller has a gender-neutral zig-zag print and fits 2 babies up to 16-inches. It features a security belt keeping the babies secured in their seats, an overhead shade, storage compartment and folds up for easy storage.

Is It Fun?

The babies are a good option for young children as they are the perfect size for little ones, but also great for toddlers since they aren't heavy. Children will love to feel like they're taking care of their own baby just like their mommy and daddy. They bring hours of imaginative and role-play fun. 

Who It’s For

The babies are great for children 12 months and older. However, the Playdate Twin Jogger Stroller is recommended for children 3 years and older.

What To Be Aware Of
They are sold separately. 
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